Ingevity is the world leader in polycaprolactone technology and innovation, with a 40-year history of helping compounders and converters produce safer, more sustainable and higher performing bioplastics. Our Capa® family of caprolactone-based thermoplastic products are ideally suited for bags and films, rigid packaging, and paper coatings. Ingevity’s Capa team is world-renowned for helping customers improve their existing bioplastics offerings, extending the use of biopolymers, and ultimately creating more competitive products.

Bioplastics infographic

Processing advantages

  • Easy to process
  • Thermally stable
  • Broad processing window

Performance advantages

  • No packaging degradation with use
  • Remains flexible in cold environments
  • Fast biodegradability
  • Certified compostability

Business advantages

  • Higher quality of final bioplastic material means better brand recognition for your final product
  • Better processing and stability mean reduced waste
  • Home compostability opens new business opportunities

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