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Ingevity’s Capa® family of engineered polycaprolactone-based polyols and thermoplastics mean your adhesive formulas have superior adhesion, bonding and durability. Our comprehensive product portfolio allows adhesive producers to improve and finely tune the properties of hotmelt, reactive hotmelt and liquid polyurethane adhesives. Our products help meet key adhesive requirements across a broad spectrum of market applications such as packaging, transportation, footwear, metal, electronics and construction. Ingevity's engineered polymers provide an array processing, performance and business advantages.

Processing advantages

  • Available in various forms and grades based on viscosity and flow
  • Highly compatible with other materials
  • Good green strength increases production output for end-users
  • Long open time leads to less waste during manual application
  • Nontoxic

Performance advantages

  • Tough yet flexible at low temperatures
  • Excellent wetting properties for a variety of substrates
  • Outdoor durability

Business advantages

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Global supply and reliability

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