Portland is getting w-a-r-m-e-r

Apr 05, 2011

The City of Portland is being bold and using WMA on all Transportation Capital Improvement Projects in 2011. Brian Oberding, City of Portland Construction Inspection and Pavement Management Engineer, presented the efforts at the Asphalt Paving Association of Oregeon (APAO) Spring Conference in Eugene, OR this month.

Evotherm lowered the mat temperature 29 degrees while improving compaction compared to hot mix from 92% to 94%. No significant changes in binder grade from the specified PG70-22 were noted. In addition to using WMA on all Transportation CIP projects in 2011, it will be used on all CIP projects in 2012 and the city is looking into asphalt supply contracts to include warm mix products. The City of Portland will continue to monitor the performance of the demonstration areas. As Oberding said at the end of his presentation, “Future looking warmer!”.