California sets WMA specifications

Apr 01, 2013

Caltrans recently published the latest warm mix asphalt update to their specifications. The Standard Specifications are revised to allow the Contractor to utilize WMA technologies in all projects. The Contractor can select a WMA technology from the approved list (which includes Evotherm) and must meet the material and placement requirements of HMA. Contractors in California no longer need special permission through a change order to use WMA. Highlights of the revised specification include:

  • Defining WMA as asphalt produced at temperatures no greater than 275 F.
  • Specifying procedures for evaluating the foaming characteristics of asphalt binders for use with mechanical foam technologies
  • Requiring WMA technology representatives on-site only during the first 3 days of placement.
  • Requiring Hamburg Wheel Rut Testing and T283 testing during the project.

The revisions can be found at under Revised Standard Specifications (RSS).

Author: Brandon Milar