Adsorbed Natural Gas


As the leading, worldwide resource for automotive activated carbon solutions in gasoline vapor emissions control systems, we have extended this technology advantage for mixed hydrocarbon vapor adsorption and desorption into the rapidly growing natural gas market. Adsorbed natural gas, or ANG, is the enhanced storage of natural gas using an adsorbent when compared to compressed natural gas storage at equivalent pressures.

Capabilities & Services

Product Characteristics:

  • High natural gas working capacity
  • Sustainable performance
  • Shape-specific activated carbon monoliths for natural gas vehicle (NGV) tanks
  • Granular activated carbon for LPG tanks


Ingevity participates in a corporate coalition to commercialize ANG systems for the NGV market, including:


To request a Product Data Bulletin (PDB), please use the links below. 

  • Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs)
  • Flare gas recovery and storage using LPG tanks
  • Virtual pipeline storage installations using LPG tanks

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ANG Technology

Dr. Billy Paul Holbrook
Senior Lead Scientist
Performance Materials

Ingevity and ANG

Roger Williams
Technical Director
Performance Materials

ANG for Natural Gas Hybrid Vehicles

Brad Reed
Director, Business Development and Innovation
Performance Materials


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