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WestRez® 5300

WestRez 5300 is a rosin ester tackifier that combines differentiated adhesion and advanced stability for the most stringent hot-melt adhesive requirements.

Offering broad polymer compatibility, WestRez 5300 provides outstanding adhesion to difficult-to-bond-to surfaces. Its chemical allows for increased cohesive strength of your pressure sensitive adhesive system. WestRez 5300 combines the qualities of a traditional rosin ester—high adhesion and broad compatibility—without disrupting the integrity of the block co-polymer matrix.

Typical properties:

Softening point: 97°C | Gardner color: 5.5 | Acid value: <15 | Tg: 49°C | Bio-based content: 93%

  • Tackifier

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

  • Hygiene

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