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Evotherm is easy to use, has proven performance across the globe, and saves money. But these three hallmark benefits are just part of the reason the Evotherm family of products are recognized as the world’s leading warm mix asphalt (WMA) technology.  In the past decade, we’ve paved enough Evotherm on projects to pave to the moon and begin the journey back to earth.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use

Evotherm promotes adhesion by acting as both a liquid antistrip and a WMA. It can replace lime with an easy-to-handle, pumpable liquid. Evotherm may be added at the mix plant or at the asphalt terminal. Once Evotherm is mixed into the binder, production temperatures can be lowered by up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional hot mix asphalt.

Proven performance

Contractors have paved over 300,000 miles of Evotherm around the world on all types of asphalt pavements. A National Center for Asphalt Technology evaluation of pavements including Evotherm as an additive between 2005 to 2012 demonstrated the roads’ ability to withstand over 20 million equivalent single axle loads with less than one-eighth inch of rutting.

Saves money

Evotherm's benefits stack up to deliver improved productivity and the highest overall value in the industry. How can you take advantage of the comprehensive savings per mix ton with Evotherm? Our Evotherm Value Calculator and Evotherm Dosage Rate Calculator help you determine how our warm mix technology can benefit your operations. And our experienced sales and technical teams are just a phone call away.

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