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Evoflex® CA

Evoflex® CA maximizes recycled asphalt binder performance. 

Ingevity's Evoflex CA is an engineered family of additives that allows greater use of reclaimed asphalt materials. Designed to work with Evotherm®, Evoflex CA more effectively mobilizes the bituminous content of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and reclaimed asphalt shingles (RAS) even when using warm mix asphalt production temperatures lower than 275 F. 

Evoflex CA additives are designed to improve the contribution yield of binder from recycled materials; function as rejuvenators; and offset the potential negative impact of increasing the use of highly oxidized materials. Greater amounts of reclaimed products can be added while Evoflex CA maintains the flexibility and low-temperature crack resistance of the mix. 

With Evoflex CA, you can:

  • Solubilize RAP and RAS to increase recycled binder contribution
  • Facilitate blending of both virgin and oxidized asphalts
  • Improve low-temperature mix performance
  • Maintain the intermediate temperature of the desired binder grade
  • Reduce the need to alter binder grades when utilizing recycled materials
  • Warm mix asphalt

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