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EnvaDry™ P-FL

EnvaDry P-FL is a novel dual-functional, dry additive. Designed for use in invert emulsion drilling fluids, EnvaDry P-FL serves as both a primary emulsifier and a fluid loss control additive. EnvaDry P-FL is the only 100 percent active, spray-dry product on the market, providing significant performance advantages, easier handling and improved sustainability in an flowable dry powder form.

In one efficient additive, EnvaDry P-FL consolidates fluid loss control and primary emulsification benefits. Less total additive is required, allowing customers to reduce their overall drilling fluid system cost and simplify supply chain management.

EnvaDry P-FL’s increased performance efficiency, product function consolidation and reduced package weight can improve customers’ sustainability contributions. EnvaDry P-FL is easy to work with even in harsh environments such as sub-freezing temperatures. While EnvaDry P-FL meets customers' performance requirements, it also improves operational efficiency and reduces total cost in use.

  • Emulsifier

  • Drilling fluids

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