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Diacid 1550™


Diacid 1550 is a multifaceted dicarboxylic acid (diacid) ideal for co-emulsification, corrosion inhibition, lubrication, and wetting in soluble, semisynthetic, and synthetic oils. Made from sustainable materials and renewable resources, Diacid 1550 is resistant to bioactivity, yet still biodegradable. For nearly half a century, Diacid 1550 has been known globally in the metalworking fluid (MWF) industry as an excellent co-emulsifier in soluble oil and in semisynthetic metalworking formulations.

Because of its multifunctional properties, adding Diacid 1550 to your MWF can help streamline your formulation. Our global technical team is available to help guide you and ensure you’re making the most of your formulation.

Features & Benefits

Multifunctional chemistry

Diacid 1550 delivers all of these benefits in one product:

  • Co-emulsification: One of the best additives for tightening emulsions
  • Corrosion Inhibition: A protective barrier across various metal alloys means you don’t need an additional additive
  • Lubrication: A dependable multi-metal lubricity additive that protects against staining
  • Wetting: An effective wetting agent across a wide array of metallurgies
  • Wetting agent

  • Corrosion inhibitor

  • Co-emulsifier

  • Lubricant

  • Water-based metalworking fluid formulation

  • Emulsifiable oils

  • Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid

  • Lubricity additive

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