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Altatac® 1000

Altatac 1000 is a premium, bio-renewable sourced tackifier designed for increased stability in thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. Altatac 1000 demonstrates outstanding initial color and color stability, as well as superior adhesion to surfaces that are difficult to bond to. Altatac 1000 allows formulators to meet high-quality standards without sacrificing adhesive performance.

Typical properties:

Softening point: 99 C | Gardner color: 2.5 | Acid value: <15 | Tg: 51 | Bio-based content: 93

Performance benefits:

  • Low initial color allows broader use of a sustainable tackifier in applications requiring a low color
  • Increased thermal stability maintains quality during application
  • Bio-renewable resource allows adhesive companies to differentiate their product lines, and promote sustainability to end users
  • Superior adhesion to difficult-to-bond-to surfaces
  • Tackifier

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

  • Hygiene

  • Rigid packaging

  • Pavement marking

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