Product Stewardship

Ingevity is committed to ensuring that our products are used safely and responsibly. That’s why, as part of our participation in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program, we have implemented the Responsible Care Product Safety Code Management Practices.

This comprehensive framework will help us drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety and stewardship while also making information about our products available to our stakeholders.

We are in the process of creating product stewardship summaries, which will be posted to our website as they are completed.


Modified Rosin Resin

Rosin Ester

Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon

Pelletized Activated Carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon

Asphalt and Paving

Asphalt Emulsifiers Emulsion Stabilizers And Additives


AltaPrint Resin

Jonrez MR Resin

Jonrez RP Resin

Oilfield and Lubricants


Oilfield Dimer And Trimer Acids

Oilfield Corrosion Inhibitors

Oilfield Emulsifiers

Oilfield Rheology Modifiers

Oilfield Wetting Agents



Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA)

The information given in the product stewardship summaries is basic information and it is not intended to provide emergency response or medical information. Product Stewardship Summaries are not intended to replace technical information given in safety data sheets (SDS). Detailed safety, health and environment information can be found on the SDS of a chemical substance, which is provided to all Ingevity customers.