Dec 03, 2019

Ingevity’s pine chemistry means heavy-duty tools used to cut steel can last longer


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., December 3, 2019 – The benefits of Ingevity’s (NYSE:NGVT) AltaLUB® 5300 bio-based lubricant in metalworking fluid formulations are highlighted in a recently released video about See Lube Private Limited, an India-based processor of fluids used to cut carbon steel into automobile gear shafts and axles. AltaLUB 5300 chemistry enables formulations to perform more consistently across a tool run, which helps formulators provide higher-performing and more cost-effective products for their customers.

The video features representatives from See Lube and Ingevity, and demonstrates the value of AltaLUB 5300 in metalworking formulations because of its ability to lubricate better than competing self-emulsifying ester-based fluids, and reduce the need for other additional emulsifiers when formulating. This means increased tool life; labor cost savings without the need to change or repair machines as often; and optimally-formulated, lower-cost products.

“Our customers require fluids that lubricate and cool as the tool bit cuts so the metal doesn’t break or shear,” explained Munish Garg, owner and managing director of See Lube. “AltaLUB 5300 lubricates better than other additives, is easy to add to existing formulations, and ensures more consistent precision across tool runs. We create better products with Ingevity.”

The video of AltaLUB 5300’s value in metalworking fluid manufacturing can be viewed here. The story in its entirety can also be read here.

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