May 13, 2020

Ingevity’s Evotherm® technology simplifies remote island paving


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., May 13, 2020 – The benefits of Ingevity’s (NYSE:NGVT) Evotherm® warm-mix asphalt technology are highlighted in a recently released video about Gerken Companies’ successful paving of the airport runway on North Bass Island, a secluded 700-acre island off the coast of Ohio that maintains a single airstrip essential to serving inhabitants. In contrast to traditional hot-mix asphalt that tends to cool and harden quickly inside haul trucks or during the paving process, adding Evotherm to the mixture allows reduced paving temperatures by up to 100 degrees while simultaneously making it easier to apply and meet specifications.

The video features representatives from the Gerken Companies and Ingevity and demonstrates the value of Evotherm in paving airport runway, taxiway and apron projects worldwide due to its unique ability to keep asphalt mixture temperatures consistently warm and maintain workability of the mix even when traveling long distances. This means customers can pave hard-to-reach locations, boost the productivity of their crews, and meet or exceed project specifications.

“We chose Evotherm as a sort of insurance policy for the long haul,” explained Jim Shoemaker, quality control manager at Gerken. “The specification on the project involved a percent-within-limits specification, meaning we received a bonus for how closely inside the density requirements our actual measurements were. Warm-mix was the only way we could maintain consistent temperatures in the trucks and still lay it down easily after the long journey.”

The video of Evotherm’s value in asphalt paving can be viewed here. The story in its entirety can also be read here.

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