May 18, 2016

Ingevity Launches Precision-Focused AltaLUB™ 5300 Performance Lubricity Additive for Metalworking Fluids


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., May 18, 2016 – Ingevity has announced the introduction of a patent-pending product, AltaLUB™ 5300, as the first product in the new AltaLUB performance lubricity additive portfolio. Based on fatty acid chemistry, this product is ideal in metalworking applications where precision matters most. This product line is currently available in North and South America.

Lubricity forms the foundation of the AltaLUB portfolio—a new series of high performance metalworking fluid additives. Lab and field testing have shown AltaLUB 5300 provides high mixed-film boundary lubrication, low foam, ease of formulation and hydrolytic stability.

“As market trends shift toward new metal alloys, requirements for additive performance have become more stringent. AltaLUB 5300 was designed for this demanding future. In field-testing, we saw smoother cuts being made over longer periods of time when this product was used in the metalworking fluid formulation,” said Shana McCabe, Ingevity’s global business manager, lubricants and metalworking fluid additives.

For more information regarding AltaLUB 5300 performance lubricity additive and other products in our metalworking fluid additive portfolio, please call 800-458-4034 or email [email protected].

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