May 18, 2016

Ingevity Launches New EnvaMul™ Emulsifiers for Drilling Fluids


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., May 18, 2016 – Ingevity has announced the introduction of its new EnvaMulTM emulsifier product line. Based on fatty acid chemistry, EnvaMul emulsifiers are ideal for oil-based muds in drilling applications where cost is the primary driver. This product line is available globally.

Designed as a range of products that offer customers the right product for the right application at the right price, the EnvaMul line of emulsifiers perform well in regard to fluid loss, rheology, electrical stability and solids control in a variety of mud systems.

“Cost is a critical issue in the oilfield industry, and one that inspired Ingevity’s new EnvaMul emulsifier product line,” said Todd Schroeder, Ingevity’s global director, oilfield business development and innovation. “Our oilfield team looked at its chemistry and manufacturing process and found a way to extract more value out of the product offerings. Thus, the new product line was born.

“We are excited about this new product line because it is priced to enable our customers to compete more effectively without sacrificing performance,” Schroeder said. “While we developed this product line to meet the everyday needs of the industry, we will continue to work with customers to create tailored solutions to meet their unique challenges.”

For more information regarding Ingevity’s EnvaMul emulsifiers and other products for the oilfield industry, please call 800-458-4034 or email [email protected].

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