Nov 25, 2020

Ingevity launches Capa® S polyol technology for soft thermoplastic polyurethanes


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C, Nov. 25, 2020 — Ingevity (NYSE: NGVT) has announced the launch of its new Capa S polyol technology for soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) applications. A polyol technology that allows conventional production of soft TPUs without the use of plasticizers, the Capa S portfolio is designed for use in wearable devices – such as smart watches and fitness and GPS trackers – and automobile dashboards, seating and door panels, which are repeatedly exposed to heat, cold, moisture and ultraviolet rays. This new portfolio helps maintain softness and minimize cracking during a product’s functional lifetime, simplifies formulations and lowers production costs.

Capa S allows more streamlined manufacturing of thermoplastic parts for use in applications that could only formerly achieve desired flexibility and longevity with thermoset plastics, namely fluoroelastomers and silicone elastomers, or by using TPUs with traditional phthalate plasticizers. Capa S technology is an alternative that allows part manufacturers to be more responsive to industry demands for phthalate-free products due to chemical and toxicity concerns, while also enabling high-performing end use products.

“Consumers’ ongoing and increasing interest in functional, long-lasting products that are also comfortable and aesthetically appealing during use and wear means formulators must also continually innovate and respond to these demands,” said Norman Keane, director of innovation, engineered polymers, at Ingevity. “The Capa S product line was created for customers who are looking to formulate without plasticizers. This technology improves production speed and the quality of flexible plastic materials while also offering part manufacturers a competitive edge in applications where soft touch and durability are key.”

Ingevity will present the Capa S series at an upcoming webinar with SpecialChem on Dec. 8, 2020 at 10 a.m. EST. To learn more about Capa S or to register for the webinar, visit

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