Jun 29, 2022

How By-Products Of The Paper Industry Can Be A Resource For The Chemical Industry


Published in the June 2022 Chemistry Can newsletter for the European Chemical Industry Council – Cefic

In the circular economy, the aim is to reduce the use of resources, re-use products as long as possible, and enable recycling at the end of their lives. One way of conserving resources, is by using the by-product of one industry to supply another.

Ingevity uses two by-products from the kraft paper industry – black liquor and chemical-grade crude tall oil (CTO) – to produce chemicals:

A lignin-based chemical with carbon negative properties

The lignin-based chemical made from black liquor is used mainly as a dispersant in the agriculture industry for a diverse set of crop protection formulations including biological products. The production process – including the energy use, materials, packaging and waste – releases 1.46 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. A recent study shows this is 122% lower than fossil carbon-based alternatives when accounting for the biogenic carbon sequestered in the lignin, which results in a credit of -2.2 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Read more…


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