May 12, 2022

Crystal growth inhibition strategies in suspension concentrate formulations


Crystal growth is one of the industry’s largest challenges in agrochemical suspension concentrate (SC) formulations, as it causes severe formulation instability over time, ultimately leading to formulation failure. Understanding the mechanisms of crystal growth is essential for formulators to solve this issue and provide stable and robust formulations. In this article, strategies of controlling crystal growth will be discussed, including various mechanisms, dispersants, surfactants and additives choices.

Ingevity offers unique high-performing lignosulfonate dispersants that provide strong coverage on active surfaces and can provide high formulation stability with minimal crystal growth. Lignin is a biopolymer that naturally contains different functional groups, including aromatic groups for π-π interaction, aliphatic/aromatic hydroxyls and carboxylic groups providing hydrogen bonding, aliphatic chains providing hydrophobicity. By precisely controlling the sulfonation chemistry, Ingevity offers different degrees of sulfonation, various positions of sulfonation and multiple Mw lignosulfonates suitable for a variety of active ingredients and formulations. Due to the variety of functional groups on lignosulfonates, they can act as anchoring sites to bind on active surfaces that have different surface properties. Ingevity’s unique and precise production process make our products highly effective and consistent at the same time. Read more…


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