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Ingevity is the world leader in polycaprolactone derivatives for polyurethane (PU) elastomers under the Capa® family of products. We offer a wide selection of polyols that allow system-house prepolymer producers and specialized elastomer formulators to develop elastomers that perform in all conditions.

Capa bridges the performance gap.

Capa polyols bridge the traditional performance gap of polyethers and polyesters by offering a combination of hydrolytic stability and high mechanical performance.

Capa means durability for longer service life in harsh conditions.

Capa significantly outperforms rivals in durability by offering exceptional abrasion resistance, hydrolysis, ultraviolet resistance and other mechanical properties. Capa enables customers to develop longer-lasting or new elastomers that maintain their performance and shape in difficult conditions, such as automotive parts, hydrolic seals and gaskets, wheels and rollers, mining screens, and athletic shoe soles.

Capa is easy to process and more cost effective.

The low viscosity and melting point of Capa polyols facilitate easier handling compared to polyester adipates. The narrower polydispersity of our Capa products means a tighter manufacturing specification, more consistent quality, and less out-of-specification products and complaints.

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