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As your drilling chemical additives partner with expanded capabilities, we are ready to solve your drilling fluid challenges. Our drilling fluids application expertise is hard fought and well established. It permits us to manipulate the chemistry of our integrated tall oil fatty acid streams in order to provide field-ready products that perform under pressure to your performance specifications. 

You can confidently trust that our suite of emulsifiers, rheology modifiers and wetting agents have been crafted for this purpose and are available to meet your drilling challenge.


EnvaMul® Primary, Secondary and Combination (One-Drum) Emulsifiers
Our suite of precisely formulated invert emulsifier EnvaMul products bear the mark of our drilling fluid expertise. They specifically improve emulsion stability, solids tolerance, temperature stability and filtrate control.

EnvaMod® Rheology Modifiers
Our rheology modifiers range from common dimer and trimer chemistry to proprietary technology capable of altering the low-shear, low-temperature viscosity of invert emulsion drilling fluids. This technology is especially suitable for robust suspension in low-solids invert emulsion drilling fluids.

EnvaWet® Wetting Agents
Our proprietary formulated EnvaWet products provide superior wetting of solids into the oil phase of a wide range of drilling fluids.

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