Solving your toughest mining challenges with renewable froth flotation chemistries for decades.

As a global supplier of tall oil-based products, Ingevity offers a broad range of froth flotation reagents derived from renewable resources. Specifically, our TALON™ products include proven anionic flotation collectors, clay depressants, and frothers capable of providing enhanced grades and recoveries in a number of mineral types such as phosphate, lithium, silica, fluorspar, feldspar, rare earth, clays, coal, and sand.

Ingevity’s main raw material, crude tall oil, is a co-product from the kraft paper pulping process for making highly recyclable paper products. Facilities that produce our pine-based products are operated in alignment with Ingevity’s commitment to responsible energy use, waste reduction, recycling and repurposing materials, and generating renewable energy to reduce our impact on the environment.

We specialize in optimizing and refining our customers’ reagent packages while providing valuable logistical solutions. Continuity of supply is critical for all mining operations. Ingevity’s decades of supply to the most demanding markets further exemplifies our commitment to our customers’ continued success.


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