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Micronutrients are essential nutrients that significantly increase yield depending on soil conditions. Ingevity’s unique kraft lignosulfonates have the ability to form complexes with metal ions at multiple chemical sites and better distribute nutrients.

When using Ingevity’s kraft ligosulfonate Reax® products, most of the metallic micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, iron and copper are readily absorbed in their ionic form. In addition, higher degrees of sulfonation yield high tolerance to ammonium sulfate. Ammonium sulfate is used for water conditioning with glyphosate.

Incorporating Ingevity's kraft lignin into your micronutrient formulation can provide the following benefits:

  • No leaf burn for foliage applications
  • No sugars
  • Compatibility with fertilizers when highly sulfonated products are utilized 
  • Allows for low viscosity formulations (<100 cPs) due to low molecular weight
  • Natural source of carbon and sulfur
  • Low surface tension aids in additional wetting of leaf surface
  • Prolonged foliar absorption due to humectant properties
  • UV protection

Our long-lasting research legacy in lignin process chemistry and robust engineering control provides us with a wide range of high-quality lignosulfonate products satisfying your diverse formulation needs. In contrast to sulfite lignin products where the sulfonation chemistry is done by the paper mill, Ingevity's main objective is focused on lignin chemistry. Our lignin is derived from the kraft process which isolates unsulfonated lignin. This gives us the ability to control the chemical architecture resulting in lignosulfonate products that have consistent quality, a wide array of physical properties and high performance in various formulations. 

The kraft lignin process

Kraft lignin process


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