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Ingevity offers a variety of pine chemicals that can be used as tackifiers or to enhance the longevity of the fertilizer granule coating. A coating is a surface treatment applied to solid fertilizers, and can be can be liquid, solid, thermoplastic or reactive. Coatings are most commonly applied to granular or prilled nitrogen fertilizer, but multi-nutrient fertilizers are sometimes used. Coated fertilizers provide a prolonged supply of nutrients that offer many benefits including reduced costs and prolonged nutrient release providing more uniform plant nutrition, better growth and improved plant performance.

Fertilizer coatings are commonly used to: 

  • Control dust emission
  • Minimize caking 
  • Enhance flowability
  • Minimize moisture pickup
  • To stabilize the surface
  • Improve compatibility in end uses
  • To enhance appearance
  • Modify nutrient release characteristics

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