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Sustainable dispersants that meet the complex challenges of biological formulations

Biopesticides are crop protection ingredients based on microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, nematodes or plant extracts. They're a vital part of the future of global sustainable agriculture. Ingevity lignosulfonates solve many of the challenges caused by formulating with biopesticides including: extreme UV sensitivity, stability and dispersability problems for many microorganisms or plant extracts.

Ingevity's newest line of next generation kraft lignosulfonate dispersants, AltaBio™, is designed specifically for challenging microorganism formulations, including wettable powder (WP), water dispersible granules (WDG) and suspension concentrates (SC).

AltaBio is a new generation of dispersants specifically designed to meet the complex challenges of biological formulations. Based on kraft lignosulfonate technology, the AltaBio product line offers excellent safety, suspensibility and wettability for SC, WP and WDG formulations. Due to AltaBio’s high dispersing efficiency, it has also proven to be very effective for many challenging formulations with high loading conventional active ingredients, such as chlorothalonil and mancozeb at low dispersant use rate.


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