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ANG technology can also be leveraged for enhanced low-pressure natural gas handling. Ingevity’s unique carbon technology that enables ANG has the potential to help customers:

  • Increase capital expenditure savings
  • Gain access to a more economically viable storage solution
  • Reduce the exposure risk of high-pressure systems by operating at lower pressures than compressed natural gas

Virtual pipeline:

Geographic areas not currently served by natural gas pipelines are considering alternative means to gain access to natural gas as a fuel through portable delivery systems, often referred to as a virtual pipeline. ANG technology can be an economic alternative to expensive infrastructure and permitting required to transport, transmit and distribute power from the source to the point of use, and can provide natural gas fueling access to remote or bottlenecked areas.

Flare efficiency:

ANG technology can benefit flare efficiency operations by enabling the diversion of gas flow from flaring or venting operations to higher value end-uses like natural gas vehicle fuel or heat or power generation.

Peak demand management:

ANG can provide a reliable and continuous natural gas supply to help mitigate the impact of fluctuating demand and power outages.


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