WestRez ⁠— Ingevity’s bio-based tackifier with superior adhesion and broad compatibility.

Ingevity’s rosin ester tackifier line, WestRez, combines differentiated adhesion with light color and advanced stability for the most stringent hot-melt adhesive requirements. Offering broad polymer compatibility, WestRez provides outstanding adhesion to difficult-to-bond-to surfaces.

Performance Benefits:

  • Low initial color allows broader use of a sustainable tackifier in applications requiring a low color.
  • Increased thermal stability maintains quality during application.
  • Bio-renewable resource allows adhesive companies to differentiate their product lines and promote sustainability to end users.
  • Rosin-based tackifiers provide superior adhesion to difficult-to-bond-to surfaces, such as recycled corrugated.

Ingevity provides a broad range of WestRez tackifiers that achieve desired performance results based on your application. From industrial adhesives to pavement marking, stick with WestRez to maximize your adhesive solutions. 

Features & Benefits

Ingevity’s WestRez resins help pavement marking stick to the surface of the road and hold their form over time. 

Other performance benefits of WestRez include:

  • Offers resistance to automotive residue on roads, extending the life of the pavement marking
  • Provides superior adhesion to glass beads, enhancing retro-reflectivity and increasing driver safety 
  • Sustainable tall oil-based resins are more than 90% bio-based, which means greater supply assurance compared to other chemistries.