Ingevity’s Peral® emulsifiers are essential components for high-performing micro surfacing systems across the globe like the world-renowned Ralumac®. Our Peral family of chemistries greatly enhances micro surfacing systems.

Excellent mixing with a wide range of aggregates

Controlled break: The chemical break mechanism of the emulsifier and chemical additive package also make it well suited for night time and cooler weather applications where curing conditions are less than ideal. Peral products are designed to help micro surfacing applications set and gain strength quickly, which minimizes down time for busy highways, expressways and urban streets.

Reduced return time to traffic: While the standard return-to-traffic time for micro surfacing is 60 minutes, Peral have been shown to help high-performing systems allow crossing traffic within a few minutes after application and rolling traffic within 10 to 15 minutes.

Superior adhesion of asphalt to aggregate

Markets & Applications

The Peral family of specially formulated emulsifiers and additives allows emulsion manufacturers and contractors to formulate for optimum performance over a broad range of aggregates and application conditions. The decades of formulation, production and application experience of Ingevity’s technical support team mean manufacturers and contractors can confidently apply long-lasting microsurfacing treatments, namely Ralumac, the world’s most well respected microsurfacing product.  


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