Ingevity has leveraged its over 100 years of experience and expertise with activated carbon to develop and deliver the Nuchar® family of activated carbon solutions for markets ranging from gasoline vapor emission control systems; water, food and beverage purification; and bi-fuel adsorbed natural gas vehicle technology.

Gasoline Vapor Emission Control

As the leading worldwide resource for automotive activated carbon solutions for gasoline vapor emissions control systems, we provide an array of carbon products for air intake and canister solutions that include activated carbon sheets, shaped and granular carbon, and carbon honeycombs.

Water, Food and Beverage Purification

Our sustainable powdered activated carbons have helped purify an array of food, water and chemical products since 1913, including foods and beverages; decolorization, deodorization and contaminant reduction of chemicals and catalysis; and municipal and point-of-use water treatment.

Adsorbed Natural Gas Technology

Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology is a low-pressure, bi-fuel solution for light-duty vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs and service vans. Our Nuchar® FuelSorb™ activated carbon monoliths reduce the storage pressure of natural gas without sacrificing the on-board volume of gas stored through the process of adsorption. In other words, ANG is counter intuitive: It reduces the pressure of natural gas by 25%, allowing the monolith to store 50% more fuel as compared to traditional compressed natural gas (CNG) at the same pressure.

This lower-pressure storage removes the need for large, costly commercial CNG stations and enables safe, economic fueling at work and at home. ANG saves money, is more efficient and reduces greenhouse gas emissions when compared to comparable CNG, gasoline and diesel vehicles.