Bio-based resins ideal for an array of printing and packaging needs. 

For more than six decades, Ingevity's flagship ink product line, Jonrez, has met quality requirements for varnish and ink makers throughout the world.

Our range of modified rosin resins are designed to provide better transfer, improved emulsion stability and reduced misting on high-speed and wide-web printing formats. For pigment, dry-grind and press-cake flushing processes, we have products with high solubility at the appropriate viscosity to help disperse pigment while maintaining excellent printing properties.

Our solution metal resinates are used to disperse dry pigment (grinding resinate), and improve rub resistance and gloss (letdown resinate). We also produce a flaked modified rosin resinate to allow more options for the ink maker. 

We’re constantly developing products designed for your specialty application needs. We produce resins that are used in water-based coatings, solvent-based nitrocellulose systems and as extenders for UV systems. Jonrez TOFA esters are produced as replacements for mineral oil and can be used in low-migration ink systems for offset packaging applications.