Ingevity’s Indulin® emulsifiers are a key ingredient in successful pavement preservation techniques across the globe. The unique Indulin formulations allow customers to work with asphalt paving technologies that are water-based rather than solvent-based, which means significant cost and energy savings from the elimination of traditional asphalt heating, mixing and transportation demands.

Cationic offerings

Indulin’s cationic rapid and slow set emulsifiers to perform in a full range of end-uses. The easy-to-handle liquid cationic rapid set (CRS) emulsifiers and process-friendly cationic slow set (CSS) emulsifiers provide excellent adhesion and give reliable performance in demanding emulsion formulations and application conditions.

Anionic offerings

The full range of Indulin anionic emulsifiers can be used in emulsions for asphalt pavement construction and maintenance applications, soil stabilization and remediation, industrial, and waterproofing processes.


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