Diacid 1550™


Diacid 1550—One of the industry's most multifunctional additives.

Diacid 1550 is made from sustainable materials and renewable resources. It is resistant to bioactivity, yet still biodegradable. For nearly half a century, Diacid 1550 has been known globally in the metalworking fluid (MWF) industry as an excellent co-emulsifier in soluble oil and in semisynthetic metalworking formulations.

Diacid 1550 also offers other performance benefits making it a multifunctional product. This unique product allows streamlining of formulations by realizing the four benefits of one additive. Because of its multifunctional properties, adding Diacid 1550 into your MWF can help streamline your formulation. Our global technical team is available to help guide you and ensure you’re making the most of your formulation.

Features & Benefits

See how quickly Diacid 1550 stabilizes an emulsion

This patented technology promotes high mixed-film boundary lubrication and a low foaming profile in semisynthetic, soluble and neat oil formulations. In addition, it’s easy to formulate with because of its low molecular weight.

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