Introducing the Capa® S Series

Polycaprolactones for Soft Polyurethane Applications

Ingevity is the world leader in polycaprolactone derivatives for polyurethane (PU) elastomers, adhesives and coatings through the Capa® family of products. We offer a wide selection of polyols that allow formulators to develop PUs for applications where there can be no compromise on performance and durability. Our global manufacturing capabilities, logistic services and innovation and technical service center - as well as the flexibility of Capa technology itself - allow us to create innovative solutions for a broad array of applications. The Capa S series is our latest innovation platform allowing our customers to access soft PUs that cannot be produced using conventional technologies.

Capa S 22X and Capa S 23Y: Keeping Your TPUs Soft

Capa S 22X and Capa S 23Y have been developed using proprietary technology that not only allows production of soft thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) using standard manufacturing techniques but yields low-durometer end parts (30-60 Shore A) that maintain softness during their functional lifetime. All while avoiding the use of plasticizers. This technology addresses a significant challenge in the TPU industry and can offer part manufacturers the ability to be even more competitive in premium applications such as in wearable technology and car interiors, where soft touch and durability are key.


Capa S 32X: Balancing Soft Touch and Durability for Coatings

The continuing and growing consumer trends seen in electronics, appliances and automotive interiors have given rise to the demand for products that are not only functional and durable but also comfortable and aesthetically appealing during use and wear. Products that are soft to the touch are particularly desirable but softer coatings often lack the chemical and physical resistance that is common in harder PU systems. Capa S 32X is an intermediate for PU coating systems that provides the optimal balance of soft touch (through careful manipulation of the polyol structure) and resistance (by providing sufficient cross-link density to give mechanical integrity).


PRESENTATIONS - New Polycaprolactone Polyols for Soft Polyurethane Applications