What Florida does in January

Feb 17, 2014


Where else but Florida can you pave in January while the rest of the country deals with a polar vortex and icepocolypse? Meanwhile, Middlesex Construction  began a  2-year project to revamp failing residential roads in Casselberry, Florida,with green technology. To accomplish this, they chose a 9.5mm surface mix PG 58 -28 containing Evotherm WMA technology and  30% RAP. 

Paving expectations were 265F behind the paver with 80F ambient temperatures. The crew and the weather achieved 255-260F behind the screed with 50F ambient temperature. Density requirements were 92 and above with 95 and above being bonus. The first core pulled yielded 94.7 and 96.7 at joint. Additional cores were pulled and test strip passed all requirements with bonus to yield a green, high-performing asphalt pavement.


Author: Will Cabell