Welcome Terminals #48, #49, and #50!

Sep 06, 2011

Coastal Energy and United Refining are adding Evotherm WMA to their terminal offerings. This brings the total number of asphalt terminals offering Evotherm WMA to fifty!

Coastal Energy is now supplying PG64-22 and PG70-22 AC with Evotherm from their Willow Springs, MO, and Miller, MO, terminals.

United Refining is working towards Evotherm availibility by late September from their Warren, PA terminal. Pennsylvania is expecting a large amount of late season paving due to a wet spring as well as ongoing infrastructure work to support the Marcelles Shale boom.

To find out more about obtaining Evotherm WMA from Coastal Energy, United Refining, or a terminal near you, please contact Dean Frailey at 843-740-2205. 

Author: Dean Frailey