United Companies paves with Evotherm

Jul 05, 2011

Last week, United Companies of Mesa County paved a section of Tomichi Road in beautiful Gunnison, CO.  The mix was a 12.5mm surface course. Suncor Energy provided asphalt containing Evotherm warm mix technology.  Production temperatures ended up being 230 F after warming up the plant and gradually dropping temperatures.

In the field, there was no workability difference noted behind the screed. Density was controlled using a Troxler Nuclear gauge, with 92-93 % density achieved. Lab and field results were good, with very positive feedback from the City of Gunnison and United Company.  Even mother nature took note of paving with Evotherm and came out to witness the new construction.  Overall, another Evotherm success.  On a side note, I would highly recommend the scenic drive along the Black Canyon outside of Gunnison…very worth the trip.


Author: Jason Mapes