NYC DOT exploring WMA rubberized asphalt

Jan 14, 2015

Staten Island RMA

Trap Rock Industries is helping the New York City DOT evaluate rubberized asphalts that incorporate Evotherm warm mix technology. "There a plenty of positives to rubberized asphalt," Galileo Orlando, DOT deputy commissioner for Roadway Repair and Maintenance, said according to Staten Island Advance.  The rubberized asphalt should be more durable, quieter and offer environmental benefits.

According to Better Roads, "the city is curious to find out how well it will perform during New York’s varying seasonal climate. That’s why West Fingerboard, from about Radcliff Road to Steuben Street, will use three different types of asphalt: traditional asphalt, rubberized asphalt, and a cheaper form of pelletized rubber asphalt. The goal is to learn how each mixture will weather over the next few months." The city will watch the roadways through tree seasons – winter, spring, and summer- to evaluate performance.