The I-85 rebuild that keeps on winning

Aug 13, 2018

There’s a stretch of I-85 near Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C., that has brought very positive press to SCDOT and Sloan Construction. This strip of heavily-trafficked highway utilized WMA in a unique rebuild in 2016, and it continues to garner recognition. The South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association (SCAPA) recently awarded the project its Green Construction Award and Innovative Project Award.

If you missed our previous blog post about this project, you can find it here. A feature story from Asphalt Contractor’s online issue from October 2016 can also be found here.

SCAPA’s Quality Pavement Awards recognize contractors and owners who go above and beyond,” remarked Ashley Batson, executive director at SCAPA. “This program promotes high quality asphalt projects across our state.” The Green Construction Award is given to projects using sustainable materials and practices. Owners and contractors may submit projects for consideration, and projects are judged on a scale of 70 percent technical and 30 percent aesthetics of the finished project.

SCDOT’s District 3 and Sloan Construction won the Green Construction Award for using over 77,000 tons of recycled asphalt pavement and over 200,000 tons of WMA. They also received an Innovative Pavement Award for the project as South Carolina’s first use of Intermediate B Special, a cutting-edge, rapid road-rehabilitation method.

“This I-85 project has performed well,” remarked Cliff Selkinghaus, asphalt materials manager at SCDOT. “It was constructed quickly, was paved at night and in cooler temperatures, and had high amounts of recycled materials incorporated. That’s about as innovative and environmentally friendly as a project can get.”

We congratulate SCDOT and Sloan Construction and look forward to sharing more future wins for this project!