Second time is also a charm

Apr 26, 2011

Last week, we participated in our 2nd WMA job with Colorado DOT.  Suncor Energy provided the 70/-28 PMAC with Evotherm for a job on US50. The mix is a surface overlay with 20% RAP and 1% lime.  This is also the first time this district has used RAP.  The wind gusted over 30 mph and the temperature barely made it above 50 F. Due to conditions, A&S Construction did not lower the temperatures very much, maybe 290 °F WMA vs. 320 °F for HMA.

The site was a section of US50 crossing the Arkansas River near Las Animas, CO, about a 20 mile haul from the A&S mix plant in La Junta. They laid 1100 ton on Wednesday, and were able to take off a roller while maintaining 93's for density. I drove the road and it was nice and smooth with a tight surface. Overall, a positive experience for first-time warm mixers!


Author: Michael Plouff