SEAUPG Wrap-up

Nov 28, 2011

The Southeast Asphalt User/Producer Group wrapped the week before Thanksgiving in Savannah. Amidst the beautiful setting, golf, meetings and dinners, here are our highlights:

  • Many contractors are interested in rubberized asphalt and want to know our experiences using Evotherm WMA with this type of mix. – David Newton
  • People were talking about REA Contracting and Gordon Wright's presentation on taking the fibers out of OGFC for the Marine Corps parade ground (previous post). – Dean Frailey
  • States are making it easier for contractors to use WMA by focusing on performance specifications. Tennessee's new density specification will have a bonus that includes joint densities. – Lance Brooks

Getting back to the rubberized asphalt question…most of our experience with these mixes has been in California and Missouri. In fact, Asphalt Contractor's December issue features an article about using Evotherm with rubberized asphalt in California with CalTrans and Granite Construction (previous post). Make sure to grab a copy!