RI customer could “write a commercial”

Oct 12, 2012

J.H. Lynch & Sons Incorporated is using Evotherm WMA in the GTR section of their I-95/128 project outside of Waltham, MA. Their Cumberland, RI plant blended rubber on-site with PG 64-28 liquid from Hudson Asphalt that contained Evotherm. Nighttime temperatures hover in the 40's and trucks haul the mix over an hour to the jobsite. The mix temperature behind the screed measured 275°F-290°F. The crew used two breakdown rollers, one intermediate roller, and one finish roller to achieve density. All cores for the test strip were right at the mid-point of the specification with an average of 94%.

While on-site I met owner, David Lynch, who stated how happy he was with Evotherm and mentioned he could "write a commercial" for our product after what happened to his crew the other day. On a different project where Lynch is also using Evotherm, a chain broke on their transfer machine that took them over 50 minuntes to fix with material in the hopper. Worried that a "bad section" was about to come out of the paver, David said to give it a shot and see what happens. The mix came out like they had never stopped moving, and they continued to pave with no down time to take out the material that had been sitting the transfer machine for an hour. He stated this would not have been possible if Evotherm had not been in the mix.

Author: Robert Bach