RAS Backstage Pass

Dec 08, 2011

This video from Southwind RAS in Illinois shows how using recycled asphalt shingles in roads make economic sense while providing an overview of shingle processing before use at the mix plant. Some key facts they share:

  • Over 11 MM tons of shingles are landfilled each year.
  • Average asphalt content of 25%.
  • 2.7 MM tons of asphalt enters landfills annually, or $1.7 BILLION dollars at an asphalt cost of $630/ton.
  • 5-10% cost savings using RAS can save taxpayers millions of dollars

In Illinois, where Southwind operates, both the City of Chicago and the Illinois Tollway have used RAS with Evotherm warm mix asphalt. Benefits include lower construction costs, better pavement performance, reduced landfill impact, and boosting local employment. 


Author: Heather Dolan