RAP going up California

Jan 10, 2012

More and more states are evaluating the appropriate use of higher RAP content mixes. Caltrans released a draft specification in June 2011 that allows up to 25% RAP in surface paving projects. CalAPA reports that the "recycled asphalt pavement bill, AB812 by Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, passed the key Assembly Transportation Committee on a bipartisan 11-0 vote. The bill, sponsored by (the) California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA), urges Caltrans to use up to 40 percent RAP in mixes by 2014. More than 40 industry representatives testified in favor of the bill at yesterday's hearing. The AGC, EUCA, the Sierra Club and the Laborers' Union also supported the bill. There was no opposition." 

The amount of recycled content varies across the country. Jim Pappas with DelDOT presented the latest Recycling Materials Survey at the RAP Expert Task Group May Meeting in Irvine, CA. Most states allow over 30% RAP (layer of construction limitations were not noted) while contractors' RAP usage ranges mostly from 15% to over 30%. There's opportunity across the country to incorporate more RAP into mix designs.

Evotherm warm mix technology improves the workability of high-recycled content mixes while futher improving the environmental profile. Because it is a chemical additive, the mix can be designed and tested in QC laboratories with no additional equipment costs. Evotherm can improve the workability of high-RAP mixes for base courses, binder courses, and surface courses. Many commercial, FOB jobs can also benefit from the cost savings associated with high RAP mix designs. When combining RAP and recycled shingles, Evotherm addition can even make the difference between a successful project and a very frustrating day of paving. Contact the Evotherm team to learn more about improving the workability of your high recycled content mixes.



Author: Heather Dolan