Warm mix gets historic in Williston

Apr 29, 2016


Asphalt producer, Axeon, and Contractor, V.E. Whitehurst, are excited about most projects, but their recent completion of a project at Williston Municipal Airport in Williston (near Gainesville), Florida, was particularly significant. The Airport once served as a back-up facility to Eglin Field for Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle’s training efforts for the Tokyo Raid that occurred on April 18, 1942, in retaliation for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The airport will park visiting corporate and military aircraft on the newly-paved, triangular-shaped apron.

V.E. Whitehurst chose Axeon’s StellarFlex FR (Fuel Resistant) product, which utilizes Evotherm warm mix technology, to aid the compaction and workability of the tarmac mix. Axeon produced the PG 82-22 FR binder at their Savannah, Georgia, facility. Whitehurst first used P-601 asphalt on a test strip to check for compliance with the new FAA specification. The mix performed well with no mat core failures. Crews placed twenty-four inches of crushed lime rock as the base, followed by a two-inch layer of P401 for the intermediate mix, and two inches of P-601 as the final wearing surface. A pneumatic tire roller finished the surface to ensure the most uniform joint seals.

Together, Axeon and Whitehurst have written an exciting new piece of warm mix history at the Williston airport.