Guest video from NuStar’s Ron Corun

Oct 18, 2011

Ron Corun, NuStar Energy's Asphalt Technical Service Manager, put together a perceptive video for their booth at NAPA's WMA conference last week. "It's often difficult to convey the idea of how easy handwork is with Evotherm using a still picture," said Ron. He graciously agreed to let me post the video here so that you can see for yourself.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) initiated the use of warm-mix asphalt as part of their greater adoption of sustainable civil engineering practices. For PANYNJ the benefits of warm-mix asphalt include "less energy consumption and fewer emissions during production; fewer emissions during construction; less equipment required and, consequently, fewer emissions during pavement construction; and potential enhanced durability". NuStar's Evotherm warm mix ashalt was also used this summer on the main restricted vehicle service road at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

At Newark Liberty International Airport, shown in the video, NuStar's Evotherm WMA was used on a 40,000-ton parking lot rehabilitation. Weldon Materials provided the mix and Paving Materials and Construction is doing the paving. The asphalt is PG 64-22 at 240 F. Watch the asphalt fly!


Authors: Ron Corun and Heather Dolan