Mix Plant Optimization Tips

Nov 28, 2011
Payne & Dolan provided the content for this November Asphalt Contractor article on Optimizing Your Asphalt PlantJohn Bartoszek, one of their regional managers, gives tips such as:
  1. Cover your RAP and RAS to reduce the amount of moisture in them as much as possible.
  2. Remix the recycled material piles.
  3. Create paved, sloped stock pile areas.
  4. Continuously check your burner as you produce mixes with recycled materials
  5. Maximize your burner flame 
  6. Use RAP crushers
  7. Multiple RAP bins help with versatility, and RAS bins should have steeper slopes and wider throats to ensure the material flows and isn’t clumping during the feed production process.
  8. Reverse weigh bridges help you receive real-time feedback that you have the correct amount of materials
  9. Use counter-flow drums with extended mixing zones for increased amount of recycled products 
What tips would you add to optimize an asphalt plant?
Author: Heather Dolan