Feature in AsphaltPro

Aug 01, 2011

Don't miss the June/July issue of AsphaltPro magazine. It features the article WMA Design Removes Fibers for Porous Pavement Solution by Tom Kuennen. You may remember it from the May post OOH-RAH to Porous Pavement. The new barracks and parade ground are now open and serving the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, GA.

As part of the storm water design, the 3.9 acre drill field was paved with a 2" thick pervious pavement mix to eliminate costly modelling associated with a standard dense graded mix. REA Contracting made the bold decision to put Clemson University’s OGFC research by Dr. Brad Putman in action. They used Evotherm to take out the fibers in the mix while still providing good adhesion and binding between the aggregate and the asphalt binder – all at the lower temperatures of WMA.

As promised, all the details were poured into the AsphaltPro article. Grab a copy or click through here!

Author: Heather Dolan