Fast Response on Interstate 5

Jan 30, 2012

From the website of our friends at Telfer Oil:

When Caltrans needed an emergency asphalt paving repair on Interstate 5 in January in Redding, Callifornia, they called on Tullis. Tullis called Telfer Oil Company for some Evotherm Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) additive to make the project successful and the rest is history.


On the nights of January 12-13, 2012 Tullis Inc. paved I-5 going northbound through Redding with just over 3300 tons of Warm Mix Asphalt using Meadwestvaco’s Evotherm as a placement and workability aid. Conventional mix wasn’t an option due to the 35°F air temps and 40°F pavement temps. Caltrans wanted the assurance of success under adverse conditions and asked for Evotherm.

The mix was a gap graded PG 64-28PM with 15% RAP produced by Northstate Asphalt (a Tullis Company).   Telfer Oil Company supplied the Evotherm® product and equipment to Northstate. Evotherm is easily metered and injected into the asphalt line at the hot plant using a skid mounted controller unit.

One of the challenges on this job was the short time frame from notice of job to start of the repair work. Tullis and Telfer found out about the job on Friday January 6th about 3:00 PM. By Monday, the Evotherm equipment and material was on site and by Tuesday it had been approved by Caltrans as meeting all the necessary MPQP requirements. Milling commenced Tuesday night and paving started Thursday.

The mix was produced between 285°F – 295°F. Temperatures behind the screed and during rolling were as low 220°F with completion being achieved by 190°F. Evotherm provides the mix with the ability to be paved in cooler temperatures with greater workability.

On the jobsite it was noted that by using WMA nothing had changed in paving practice except for the fact that Tullis was able to pave in conditions that normally would have been considered unacceptable by the State.  Caltrans and Tullis are very happy with the final product.

Author: Telfer Oil 

ps – A shout-out to Jason Mapes for helping the Tullis facility get up and running with Evotherm in record time!