Face of Evotherm: Craig Reynolds

Feb 14, 2017

The name Craig Reynolds is synonymous with “stand up guy.” He’s met a SEAL Team Six member; is willing to ponder getting stuck in an elevator; and enjoys taking care of Ingevity’s customers in the Great Lakes region. You may not know him yet, but you’ll likely want to have a drink with Craig after reading more.

What achievement in your life is important to you?

My family. My wife and I have two wonderful daughters.

What items would you like to have if you were stuck in an elevator?

First, my wife. Then snacks and water are close seconds.

What do you feel qualified to teach?

Coaching youth sports. I had the privilege of coaching my daughters’ soccer and basketball teams from age five up through high school.

How would you spend your time if you were independently wealthy?

Going on family vacations, playing golf all over the world, and working with my church in impoverished areas.

Who is the most courageous person you have ever met?

Seal Team Six leader, Robert O’Neill. He spoke at the NAPA Annual Convention this year.

If not on a dream vacation with his family in Hawaii for a week, Craig would want to be his wife. He explains: “Barbara is an Assistant State’s Attorney for DuPage County, Ill. She’s my best friend and she is married to me!” Craig encourages others to read “The Shack” by William P. Young and loves Jerry Maguire’s line “Show me the money!”