Evotherm’s YouTube channel grows

Aug 15, 2016

How familiar are you with Evotherm’s YouTube channel, EvothermWMA? If not very, then there’s no better time than now! We’ve put together a series of videos in an effort to bring life to the various benefits customers experience when using Evotherm.

Check out the most recent video, “Evotherm and RAP,” featuring Tim Carter of P&S Paving in Daytona Beach, FL. And stay tuned for additional videos we’re adding each month!


Stay tuned for:

“Better Compaction & Density” — Jay Behnke, S.T.A.T.E. Testing, Chicago, IL

“Follow the Truck & Keep Temps Low”

“Cold Weather & Long Haul Paving”

“Municipal Paving”


Check out the EvothermWMA channel here.